Bicycle Racks

Bicycle racks come in different types. Some of them are a part of the vehicle and some are separate. If you don’t want to leave your bike at home, make sure that you get a bicycle rack that is compatible with the bike you plan on using it with.

The two main types of bike racks are the trunk racks and the hitch racks. The trunk rack is attached to the roof of your vehicle, while the hitch rack requires you to have a hitch for your car or truck. The trunk racks will fit almost every vehicle, but if your car doesn’t have a roof rack then they won’t be an option for you. While hitch racks are great because they don’t limit what kind of car you can use them on, they do limit where you can put them on your car. Hitch racks also require a trailer hitch which may not be compatible with every type of vehicle. You will also need to make sure that there is enough room in between the back of your vehicle and your bumper for it to fit properly.

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