Bike Bags / Panniers

Bicycle bags or panniers are an excellent way to carry a lot of gear. You can carry a change of clothes, your laptop, and your camera in one bag, and then use the other for food, water, or spare parts. Bags are also great for long trips, because you can pack everything you need for a month in one or two bags. If you don’t have panniers, a small duffel bag can also work.

Why use a pannier with your bicycle?

A pannier is a bag that is fastened to your bicycle for carrying stuff. It attaches either by hooks or straps to your saddlebags or to the side of your bike. A pannier can be a great way to carry extra items like clothes, picnic food, or books.

Panniers are generally quite large and so they are useful for carrying larger loads. They can also be easily removed so that it is easier to store or transport them. Another advantage of many panniers are that they have a waterproof lining so that any items stored inside will be protected from the elements. If you have ever had things stored in a backpack and then had it open them up as you ride only to find things soaked with water…it’s not fun!

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