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Eleri Larsen from Central D Cyclery

My name is Eleri Larsen, and I am in love with cycling.

When I was 4 years old, my mom and dad got me my first bike, complete with training wheels and pink tassels on the handlebars. From that day, I was hooked.

As I got older, riding my bicycle with my dad became one of my favorite activities and the best way for me to bond with him. He is an experienced cyclist who has ridden in many races and triathlons over the decades. Having him as a resource to learn how to ride and how to maintain my equipment has made it easier for me to get deeper into this hobby and lifestyle.

I try to ride multiple times a week and participate in any events I can here in Dallas—usually with my dad or my cyclist friends.

I started Central D Cyclery (named after my neighborhood, Central Dallas) to help others like me find the right bikes and bike accessories for their budgets, their riding habits, and their health. I do reviews and make recommendations on gear so you can skip through the nonsense and marketing speak and get back to pedaling.

If you need to reach me to discuss anything, please reach out.

I hope you have the best life possible, God bless you, and safe riding!